Summertime is cookout time and family time. If you are the one charged with the cooking duty, you may have more pressure on your back than normally. When making burgers, there are many things to keep in mind so that you make them nicely and for everyone to enjoy. Burgers being the staple food of any cookout or barbecue make them the center of attention of the event. Knowing what not to do in cooking burgers can go a long way in helping you avoid making mistakes that can cost you making the entire get together a disaster. Here we look at some tips on the making the perfect burger.

Mistake 1: Overcooking
Overcooked burger meat can be tasteless and acquire a burnt taste and appearance. This is not desired for anyone who is eating and perhaps will go down in the record books as the worst burgers made on a barbecue. To avoid this, ensure that the heat is set just right to cook the meat slowly but thoroughly and not burn it prematurely. burger grilling tips

Mistake 2: Too much spices
Spicing your meat for the burgers is a great idea because it gives the food just enough taste to accentuate the complex flavors. However, when doing this, it must be done judiciously to avoid an over doing d the spices because that can lead to some unfavorable tastes. Spicing is an art and requires delicate attention to be done correctly. Over spicing can be quite unfavorable considering most like to have a well balanced spiced pattie. To avoid this, ensure that you’re measuring the spices correctly and not guessing.

Mistake 3: Too much heat
Using too much heat can do two things: undercook the burger or overcook it. Undercooking in the case where there is too much heat can lead to an outward appearance that it is cooked while the inside is not because the heat has worked only on the exterior. Instead, use medium heat to allow well rounded cooking of the pattie meat.

Mistake 4: Not thoroughly cooked
Meat that isn’t thoroughly cooked not only tastes bad, but also poses serious health threats that affect the digestive system. Uncooked meat can lead to health hazards such as intestinal bacterial infections. To avoid undercooking, check from time to time if the center is thoroughly cooked and loses the red color. This is especially important when you are making red meat burgers because they are known to host more variety of harmful bacteria.gourmet burgers new york city

Mistake 5: Salting too much
Too much salt can cause the taste to be skewed and make eating not enjoyable. Ideas, salting should be just enough to taste but not too much. In fact, less is more when it comes to salting burgers. The amount to use depends on how much meat you have. The more you are using, the more salt you will need. To avoid over salting your burger meat, it is advised that you salt in increments and test out by cooking about half a teaspoon on a frying pan and tasting.

Mistake 6: Serve when cold
Serving cold burgers can be a huge mistake. No one wants to eat cold burgers and rightly so. The heat used to cook the burger serves as a taste enhancing gent in terms of bringing out flavors an keeping them freshly on the pattie. When it gets cold, the meat hardens and the flavors sizzle out. Instead, serve fresh off the grill to make the most out of the tastes. An additional plus is that if you use cheese, it will melt right on it to create great looking and tasting burgers.