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The Growing Trend of the Dine and Dash

Have you ever skipped out on a meal purposely without paying? Maybe not, but there are many people that do. The dine and dash is defined as running out on a restaurant before you have paid the bill (or tipped your server). You may think of it as something teenagers in the '70s would do, [...]

Why Aren’t Hamburgers Made of Ham?

Sometimes you stop to think about things and have new thoughts about them. Then you slowly start to realize that they don't make any sense and you've never questioned it before! Hamburgers are one of those very issues. Sure, it's technically a burger, but there's no pig in it! So why aren't hamburgers made out [...]

Eating Alone? American Diners Fly Solo

In case you’re worrying about eating alone, you’re in good company. Over the years, demographics and lifestyles have shifted. These days, Americans enjoy visiting diners alone. According to studies, approximately 60% of beverage and eating occasions occur when people visit diners themselves. The majority of people prefer visiting diners alone on non-meal occasions. One-person households, active [...]