Best fries in NYCFrench fries are NOT just an American dish! So many people picture a big old plate of fries with ketchup next to the best burger in NYC when they think of fries. But the truth is that the deliciousness that is the French fry could not be contained to one locale alone!

Fries are all over the world, a global phenomenon that is not going to die out anytime soon. Potatoes are a staple in many countries and frying them and cooking them in different ways just seems natural. Whether sliced thin or thick, these fries are eaten in different ways and paired with different sauces and foods wherever you go.

Maybe you will consider eating fries in a different style than you are used to after reading this! Scroll down and find out more about this international favorite.

Belgium fries are actually quite well known because these frites or friten are some of the most delicious fries you will ever have! Get them at the local chip shops in Belgium– the locals will direct you to the ones that are best and steer you away from ones that are more touristy in busy areas but not as delicious!

Belgian fries really are a delightful treat, and you may be surprised to find out they are handed over in a large cone that is the perfect handheld snack on the go. You can walk, sit, and bring it anywhere– it’s super transportable. The fries are made of long strips of Bintje potato fried in beef tallow or other tallow varieties twice! This makes them crispy with a delightfully fluffy inside. Belgian fries also come with your choice of a sauce, such as mayo or the famous spicy Andalouse.

Fries in Japan can sometimes be almost craft-like in design. Frequently you can go to a McDonald’s In Japan and order their fries, which are served with a small packet of seasoning that is sprinkled into the bag with the fries and shook. Shake up the bag to give the fries a special taste that can be anything from wasabi to melted chocolate to seaweed to chili chocolate to butter or even sakura (cherry blossom) flavor!

Thanks to a mash-up of cultures and food during WWII, fries in the Philippines are served with ‘banana’ ketchup. This condiment is made using bananas, vinegar, spices, sugar, and coloring. It was an alternative to a short supply of fresh tomatoes during the war when in the Philippines and the Filipino people invented this in its place. To this day it is served there with fries and remains a bit spicy and a bit sweet!

Say it with us: poutine. This gravy and curds covered dish is internationally famous. Canadians love it, while visitors to the country either really enjoy it or come away with the conclusion that perhaps this is a dish not meant for them. However, this unique dish was invented recently in 1957 by Fernand Lachance, and somehow it caught on.

Order some chips and eat them with malt vinegar and salt. Go for a bit more variety with curry chips that are amazingly savory and can be the best after drinking snack you can find. Street food for the win!

United States
The U.S. has fries in all shapes and sizes! They are usually served with ketchup, but you can go for just about anything–hot sauce, malt vinegar, mayo, BBQ sauce, honey mustard, and more. They are sometimes improved upon by adding cheese, chili, or unique toppings like blue cheese, hot sauce, and chicken. No matter how you eat them, they are bound to be delicious.