best pancakes in NYC

Who doesn’t love a good pancake? This breakfast food is not only a favorite in the United States; it’s enjoyed around the globe in different ways by people everywhere. But where did the pancake come from and how did it come to be?

We’re answering all these questions and more, so read and find out the real origin story of the simple (but delicious) pancake. Whether you’re enjoying the best pancakes in NYC or just cooking up some flapjacks with butter and maple syrup on them at home, plain or with blueberries, chocolate chips or bananas inside, you simply cannot go wrong.

How old is the pancake exactly? Probably older than you think. Far from even the dark ages, there has been evidence found that leads researchers to believe that the pancake is at least an impressive thirty thousand years old.

That’s because starch grains were found on grinding tools that date back thirty thousand years. It appears that it Stone Age ancestors were quite the hunters, gatherers, and chefs as well. They were at that time making flour from cattails and ferns. Researchers think that these ancient peoples were using the flour and mixing it with water to make pancakes on a hot or greased rock.

It may have been a different version of the pancake we know and love today, but it appears our ancestors also enjoyed the taste and simple ease of the pancake. Even the 1991 Alps discovery or the Iceman confirmed their consumption. Otzi the Iceman’s last meal included red deer, ibex, and ground einkorn wheat, leading researchers to believe that he cooked pancakes over open fire a little over five thousand years ago.

Different cultures ate pancakes in different ways. Greeks and the Romans ate honey on their pancakes. Sherry and rose-eater were common companions for pancakes for the Elizabethan. The colonists in America ate buckwheat or cornmeal pancakes called johnnycake. They were also popular during the period before Lent as you could use up any extra eggs or butter and milk that were around. Thomas Jefferson liked them so much he had the recipe sent to the White House so he could enjoy them on a regular basis.

Pancakes have also been described as flatcakes due to what is their obvious shape and outcome. While they have been around for a long time the pancake has only been in the Oxford English dictionary since the date of 1611. Calling someone a pancaie also was meant as an insult, and in geographic news, some geographers got together to prove that the state of Kansas was scientifically shown to be flatter than a pancake.

You can enjoy the pancake today in a variety of ways. Put butter in top and add the syrup of your choice. Slather them with a bit of jam. Put some whipped cream and a good amount of fruit on top. No matter how you enjoy it there is no wrong way to eat a pancake! They are great for breakfast or any time of the day. So cook yourself up some today and see for yourself why this food is so popular!