best bacon in ny

Bacon is everywhere, and nowhere is it more beloved than America! While this may be a ‘fake news’ fact, it is true that you can walk into just about any food joint in America and order something with bacon on it. Bacon is on every menu (with some exceptions) and it comes on and in everything, from California chicken sandwiches to egg and cheese sandwiches to the best burger in NYC.

That’s not to say that bacon is limited to just topping sandwiches and burgers. It can be featured in everything from gourmet popcorn to chocolate chip cookies to wraps, omelets, quiches, sundaes, potato chips, and more. The average American eats up to 18 pounds of bacon per year– but what is driving our collective obsession with bacon exactly?

Bacon has fan groups. People own shirts that simply have bacon on them. It’s a staple in the fridge and a special Sunday morning breakfast that is truly sublime. There is something so intoxicating about putting some bacon on the pan and watching your home slowly fill with the most amazing fragrance you have ever smelled in your life.

Pair it with waffles, eggs, or eat it on its own: bacon for breakfast is a gift from above. It goes with virtually every recipe and is a perpetual all-star add-on for anything you make. So if everything is better with bacon and it’s the food trend that is never going to die, what is it about this food that makes it so appealing?

According to a video done by AsapScience, there is a reason why we love bacon so much, and it has to do with science. This video claimed that the cooking of the bacon heats up and melts the fat of the bacon, which means that a sugar and amino acid chemical reaction occurs. This reaction releases 150 V.O.C.s, or volatile organic compounds, into the air and they create an actual scent emitted that floats through the air to your nose and stimulates that feeling of happiness and desire for bacon in us.

If you want still more proof, ask Arun Gupta. She wrote in The Independent that one of the reasons that people might like bacon is that it has the six ingredients when cooked that can contribute to the savory flavor known as ‘umami’. Another theory is that bacon is so high in healthy saturated fat, salt, and calories. Fat and salt are easily stored by the body, so you can conclude that a love of bacon is due to the fact that it’s evolutionarily good for us to consume it!

Between V.O.C.s and the umami and the straight up fat and salt content, maybe we’re trained to just love this nutritious food! Plus, it’s a delicious slab of nutritious and fatty meat. It’s not that difficult to see why people in America and around the world are positively obsessed with it.

Whether thick cut, Canadian, nitrate-free, or any other type of bacon, you just cannot go wrong with a good package of bacon. Hit up your local butcher store or grocery store or even your farmer’s market and get some delicious bacon to fry up today. Unless your doctor tells you not to, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t indulge in this amazing food. Viva la bacon forever!