A_Brief History of Buffalo Wings-the_history of buffalo wings

Who doesn’t love a good buffalo wing? Whether you like it with the bone in or boneless wings are your thing, one thing is for certain: buffalo wings are delicious! They can be found at any football party, restaurant, barbecue, bar or pub nearly everywhere you go. Classically, they are in a spicy sauce and come with a side of celery and blue cheese.

It’s a rare person that will turn up the chance to have a wing or two if they are there! But do you know the history of buffalo wings? Read on to find out more about the buffalo wing and how it came to be!

Would it surprise you to find out that the buffalo wing is only 45 years old? This popular food was invented in 1964 and unlike its name, it is made of chicken and NOT buffalo! However, there are some different origin stories about how this wing came to be.

Some say that the buffalo wings were first invented in the Anchor Bar in Buffalo. Teressa Bellissimo was said to have invented them, covering them in a special sauce she inventing and serving them with celery sticks and blue cheese because really that’s all she had and she thought it might go together well. Her husband Frank told The New Yorker in 1980 that she invented the wings out of necessity.

The bar got a shipment of chicken wings instead of the chicken parts they had ordered. Not knowing what to do with them, they invented a new dish. But her son Dominic has a different version of the story. He said that he was drinking with friends and they came into the establishment. It was late and they asked Teressa for something quick to eat that they might like. But since all members of the family have since passed, we may never know the true circumstances behind the origin of the wing– perhaps both stories are correct!

Regardless, the northern town of Buffalo, New York has celebrated Chicken Wing Day on the date of July 29 ever since 1977. The wings eaten are deep fried without breading and covered in bright orange hot sauce which involves red pepper, butter, and hot sauce, and then you are good to go! The festival this year will have a competitive eating contest and over 80,000 attendees will have consumed about 27 tons of wings in 2 days– impressive and a testament to the popularity of the wing!

Were wings the true invention of New York and the town of Buffalo? Most likely, and regardless, the wings will bear the moniker of Buffalo for a long time to come. A radio station in Philadelphia even has an eating contest call the Wing Bowl– the current champion is Joey Chestnut, who consumed 241 wings in 2008 in a total of twenty-eight minutes.

With a variety of flavors and styles of buffalo wings out there, you can choose the sauce and the spice and even your venue of wings to get the exact taste that you want. Whether with celery or blue cheese on the side or just eaten on their own with a wet napkin, have wings any time you like– except maybe breakfast!