Why Is America Obsessed with Bacon?

Bacon is everywhere, and nowhere is it more beloved than America! While this may be a 'fake news' fact, it is true that you can walk into just about any food joint in America and order something with bacon on it. Bacon is on every menu (with some exceptions) and it comes on and in [...]

The Origin of the Pancake

Who doesn't love a good pancake? This breakfast food is not only a favorite in the United States; it's enjoyed around the globe in different ways by people everywhere. But where did the pancake come from and how did it come to be? We're answering all these questions and more, so read and find out [...]

Why Do We Love Bacon So Dang Much?

Bacon. Whether you love it or love it, you can't deny that it is delicious. The average American consumes up to 18 pounds of bacon a year! Maybe you're thinking to yourself, "that seems low!". If so, you may need to check into Bacon Lovers Anonymous. Just ask one of the food' many fans: this [...]

Where did the Pancake Originate From?

The pancake. You know it as that round thing you've enjoyed for breakfast for years. It's perfect when drizzled with a little authentic maple syrup and topped with two squares of butter to melt right on top. Whether they're plain or blueberry or chocolate chip, mini or gigantic, normal sized or topped with jam, there's [...]