How to Make a Great Burger (And Avoid Screwing It Up) 

Cooking burgers is a time-honored tradition that you can celebrate all year round. When someone else is on cooking duty, you're off the hook, but what happens when you're the one making the burgers? Sure, if you're at a diner eating the best burger in NY or at a barbecue, you don't have to worry. [...]

Where Did the Hamburger Come From?

When it comes to food, the hamburger is one of the most popular menu items of all time! Whether you're eating the best hamburger in New York in a diner or cooking up a patty for yourself in your own kitchen, this meal can do no wrong. It's great for lunch, dinner, or just a [...]

Are French Fries From France?

One thing that Americans can't seem to get enough of is French Fries! These tasty little treats are made out of potatoes, although they come in different ways depending on where you go in the world. In Canada, fries are frequently dipped into malt vinegar or covered with gravy and other toppings to make poutine. [...]

10 Delicious Facts About Cheeseburgers

For most of us, a single thought about a well-prepared cheeseburger with all its beefy and juicy goodness pushes our taste buds into overdrive and our mouths salivating with anticipation. We have all grown to love the cheeseburger, which has become a centrepiece of American urban life. In this post, we share some juicy facts [...]

Why Restaurants Have The Occasional Bad Night

Restaurants are sometimes just like people: they all have good days and bad days. Even the most well-run restaurant or eatery can have a day or night that is absolute craziness. Everyone once in a while, the stars line up and create true chaos that ends up creating a rather lackluster experience for you, the [...]

How French Fries Became the Default Side Item

The all-American burger has for quite a long time been paired with French fries. However, the history of the latter as the gold standard of side dishes goes much back in time than that of burgers. French fries are now also paired with sandwiches, pizza and even fried chicken. Despite of this, you will be [...]

6 Common Burger Cooking Mistakes—and How to Avoid Them

Summertime is cookout time and family time. If you are the one charged with the cooking duty, you may have more pressure on your back than normally. When making burgers, there are many things to keep in mind so that you make them nicely and for everyone to enjoy. Burgers being the staple food of [...]

The Origin of the Hamburger

The hamburger is widely acclaimed for been one of the US’s most beloved staple foods. However, its history is shrouded in plenty of mystery. Throughout the generations many people have laid a claim to been the very first to invent this classic dish. Nevertheless, the fact still remains that its original inventor is wholly unknown. [...]