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Where Did the Hamburger Come From?

When it comes to food, the hamburger is one of the most popular menu items of all time! Whether you're eating the best hamburger in New York in a diner or cooking up a patty for yourself in your own kitchen, this meal can do no wrong. It's great for lunch, dinner, or just a [...]

The History of the Famous Chef’s Hat in Cooking

Have you ever been watching television and seen a chef and wondered to yourself what was the deal with that long hat that they wear? While you're more likely to find this cap on chefs' heads at restaurants such as NOBU over the diner on the corner you go to for the best burger in [...]

A Brief History of Ketchup

It's kind of hard to picture a world without ketchup, isn't it? The red condiment has seemingly been a part of reality forever, just like mustard, Aspirin, Kleenex, and Coca-Cola. It's used just about everywhere, from diners to McDonald's to restaurants and kitchen tables. It'll help you put together the best burger in NYC or [...]

Who Invented Guacamole?

Guacamole, the perfect food. This green snack may just be the ideal way to sit down and enjoy some tasty tortilla chips. No matter what you put into it, it is always amazing. It's actually almost impossible to resist this delicious dish! Some people like their guac smooth, while others like it a little textured [...]

10 Starters to Get Your First Date Conversation Going

First dates are fun, but they can also make you nervous! What are you going to wear--- and more importantly, what are you going to say? What should you do to make sure that your date will (conversationally) be a relative success? Whether you're dining at your favorite restaurant in NYC or going for a [...]

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Restaurants

When it comes to restaurants, do you know your history? As it turns out, the history of restaurants is really interesting! From Roman street vendors to modern gastric destinations, here are some things you didn't know about restaurants! 1. They're old. Restaurants have been around a long time-- pretty much as long as humans. In [...]

Why Do We Love Bacon So Dang Much?

Bacon. Whether you love it or love it, you can't deny that it is delicious. The average American consumes up to 18 pounds of bacon a year! Maybe you're thinking to yourself, "that seems low!". If so, you may need to check into Bacon Lovers Anonymous. Just ask one of the food' many fans: this [...]

Should I Eat Salad Before or After Meat?

People eat salads all the time with meals! Whether it's a Chef salad, a spinach salad, a Cobb salad, an Italian salad, or one of many other recipes and variations, salads are healthy and delicious! But what should you do when it comes to eating salad and meat at the same time? Whether you're cooking [...]

French Fries Around the World

French fries are not just for Americans! Potatoes are eaten in many ways, but to this day, French fries are still the most popular choice. The frying of the potato may remain much the same, but the flavors and foods favored when making this thin fried dish vary so much. The best french fries are [...]

The History of the Ice Cream Sundae 

Ice cream sundae is one of the most well known ice cream desserts of all time! It’s very popular in the United States, and who can deny its appeal? A sundae can be served in a bowl or a special sundae cup, but it requires some basic ingredients. A good sundae has ice cream (one [...]