A Brief History of Ketchup

It's kind of hard to picture a world without ketchup, isn't it? The red condiment has seemingly been a part of reality forever, just like mustard, Aspirin, Kleenex, and Coca-Cola. It's used just about everywhere, from diners to McDonald's to restaurants and kitchen tables. It'll help you put together the best burger in NYC or [...]

Who Invented Guacamole?

Guacamole, the perfect food. This green snack may just be the ideal way to sit down and enjoy some tasty tortilla chips. No matter what you put into it, it is always amazing. It's actually almost impossible to resist this delicious dish! Some people like their guac smooth, while others like it a little textured [...]

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Restaurants

When it comes to restaurants, do you know your history? As it turns out, the history of restaurants is really interesting! From Roman street vendors to modern gastric destinations, here are some things you didn't know about restaurants! 1. They're old. Restaurants have been around a long time-- pretty much as long as humans. In [...]

Where did the Pancake Originate From?

The pancake. You know it as that round thing you've enjoyed for breakfast for years. It's perfect when drizzled with a little authentic maple syrup and topped with two squares of butter to melt right on top. Whether they're plain or blueberry or chocolate chip, mini or gigantic, normal sized or topped with jam, there's [...]

French Fries Around the World

French fries are not just for Americans! Potatoes are eaten in many ways, but to this day, French fries are still the most popular choice. The frying of the potato may remain much the same, but the flavors and foods favored when making this thin fried dish vary so much. The best french fries are [...]

The History of the Ice Cream Sundae 

Ice cream sundae is one of the most well known ice cream desserts of all time! It’s very popular in the United States, and who can deny its appeal? A sundae can be served in a bowl or a special sundae cup, but it requires some basic ingredients. A good sundae has ice cream (one [...]

Why Americans Are Crazy About Ranch Dressing

For over two decades now, Americans have set ranch dressing as the best selling salad topper - overtaking Italians. You might wonder, why is a simple mixture of buttermilk, herbs and mayonnaise make Americans crazy just to liven up their daily vegetable intake? In the earlier days, ranch dressing was just a simple old plain [...]

Are French Fries From France?

One thing that Americans can't seem to get enough of is French Fries! These tasty little treats are made out of potatoes, although they come in different ways depending on where you go in the world. In Canada, fries are frequently dipped into malt vinegar or covered with gravy and other toppings to make poutine. [...]

10 Delicious Facts About Cheeseburgers

For most of us, a single thought about a well-prepared cheeseburger with all its beefy and juicy goodness pushes our taste buds into overdrive and our mouths salivating with anticipation. We have all grown to love the cheeseburger, which has become a centrepiece of American urban life. In this post, we share some juicy facts [...]

Four Regional Barbecue Styles You Need to Try

Barbecue is the process of slow roasting meat over pits to impart a unique flavor that is unable to be recreated by any other method of cooking. The way the meat cooks in reaction to the smoke adds a unique smoky flavor and a tenderness that wow the senses. Originally started in the South, today [...]