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Is There To-Go or Pick Up Food Tipping Etiquette?

How often do you order take out or food to go? Whether you call it pick up or take out or to go, you've got to admit that some days and nights it's just what you're in the mood for. No sit down at the restaurant or eatery for you; you want to call or [...]

Take Advantage of These Top Etiquette Tips The Next Time You Dine Out

How up to date is your sense of etiquette when dining out? Whether you’re sitting down for some sushi, going to a swanky fusion place, or searching for the best burger in NYC, the rules of etiquette remain the same. Having good manners isn’t about being snooty. It’s more of a way of conducting yourself that [...]

The To-Go Tipping Policy

Every once in a while, you just get super hungry. But when you're craving the best sushi in town, the best burger in NYC, or just some delicious curry from your local Thai eatery and you don't want to go in to eat, you've got to take it to go. Ordering food to go is [...]

8 Etiquette Tips for Dining Out

We all love to eat out. Whether you're going out with family or friends, hitting up the sushi bar or going to your favorite place for the best burger in NYC, getting together to eat some food and share some laughter is a timeless affair. However, are your table manners up to snuff? Check out [...]

10 Starters to Get Your First Date Conversation Going

First dates are fun, but they can also make you nervous! What are you going to wear--- and more importantly, what are you going to say? What should you do to make sure that your date will (conversationally) be a relative success? Whether you're dining at your favorite restaurant in NYC or going for a [...]

Why Eating Too Quickly May Kill You

Eating too quickly can be viewed as impolite, but did you know that it could actually kill you? Think about how you eat. Are you the first or the last to finish? Do you chew quickly to get the food into your stomach or savor every bite? Do you eat quickly on a regular or special [...]

Modern Table Manners 101

There is a place for civility and etiquette in our society-- it just isn't frequently taught. In the past, parents used to be responsible for teaching their children manners, and they frequently sent their children off to finishing school to teach them how to be civilized and appropriate at all times. Whether you're at the [...]

Tipping at Restaurants: The New Deal

When it comes to tipping, the new deal is this: if you don't tip, you shouldn't go out. If you tip 15%, that's decent, but you're probably doing the minimum. Women, men, boys, girls-- an incredible amount of people make their livings in the United States by waiting, serving, and hosting. So what's up with [...]

Is Double Dipping a Food Safety Problem or Just A Poor Move?

When it comes to double dipping, what's the rule? Generally, the practice of taking a bite of a chip and then dipping it again is considered inappropriate in polite society. In public gatherings, it is certainly frowned upon-- would you want to dip something into traces of someone else's DNA and then consume it? Don't [...]

Is It Really Okay To Eat Food That’s Fallen On The Floor?

We've all been there. You make a sandwich or a snack that you can't wait to eat. Then you turn around and accidentally knock it to the floor. You've invested so much, and you're eyeing that food, wondering whether the five second rule applies. But is this so-called rule really scientifically proven, or just another [...]