Keep Conversation Flowing: Some Questions to Ask When on a First Date

First dates can be really tough! You have to figure out what you're going to wear, what you want to order (something easy to eat or just go for something delicious like the best burger in NYC?). Then there's what you're going to talk about! On a first date, you're basically presenting yourself to someone. [...]

7 Etiquette Reminders For Dining Out With Friends

Going out with friends or clients soon? It's important to brush up on your etiquette. Not sure what is proper and what's not? Check out these 7 rules for dining out and brush up on your table presence! You'll be glad you did. 1. Have The Same Amount of Courses If members of your party [...]

Why We Are Eating Alone More Often Than Ever

Have you eaten alone this week? If you said yes, you're ironically probably not alone: a study by The Hartman Group in 2014 found that about half of all the food currently eaten by American adults is eaten completely alone. So, why are so many Americans are eating without companionship these days? If you view [...]

The History of the Famous Chef’s Hat in Cooking

Have you ever been watching television and seen a chef and wondered to yourself what was the deal with that long hat that they wear? While you're more likely to find this cap on chefs' heads at restaurants such as NOBU over the diner on the corner you go to for the best burger in [...]

Modern Table Manners 101

There is a place for civility and etiquette in our society-- it just isn't frequently taught. In the past, parents used to be responsible for teaching their children manners, and they frequently sent their children off to finishing school to teach them how to be civilized and appropriate at all times. Whether you're at the [...]

Should I Tip On To-Go Orders?

These days the standard practice on to go orders can get a little fuzzy. Do you tip, do you not tip? When we get our car valeted or our bags taken up to the room at a hotel, we tip. When we eat a meal in house at a restaurant, we tip. For just about [...]

Your Servers Are Not Spitting In Your Food, People

Everyone loves eating a good meal out on occasion. Whether it's the best burger restaurant in town, a sushi joint, a pizzeria, or some other establishment, eating out can be enjoyable. But then the paranoia sets in! You start to worry. Are people in the back of the kitchen messing with your food? Could some [...]

Why Restaurants Have The Occasional Bad Night

Restaurants are sometimes just like people: they all have good days and bad days. Even the most well-run restaurant or eatery can have a day or night that is absolute craziness. Everyone once in a while, the stars line up and create true chaos that ends up creating a rather lackluster experience for you, the [...]

Why Tipping Servers Should Not Be Banned

When it comes to restaurants in the United States, tipping is the status quo. Most waiters and waitresses make a low minimum wage that's several dollars less than the standard minimum wage for others and depend on their tips to make up the rest of their wage. Casual dining restaurants and a variety of eateries [...]

The Growing Trend of the Dine and Dash

Have you ever skipped out on a meal purposely without paying? Maybe not, but there are many people that do. The dine and dash is defined as running out on a restaurant before you have paid the bill (or tipped your server). You may think of it as something teenagers in the '70s would do, [...]