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Why Are Fries The Automatic Burger Side?

Whether you're in the fast food drive-through, at a restaurant, on the search for the best burger in NYC, or at a local burger joint, you can't deny that fries are THE side for burgers. Unless you're in a certain region or country where it's done differently, the odds are that you can order a [...]

Why Tipping Servers Should Not Be Regulated by Restaurant Owners

When it comes to going out, it's always nice to have your food cooked and served to you without having to do it yourself! Whether you're eating in a diner in Milwaukee or having the best burger in NYC at a fancy sit-down place, chances are that you're going to have your food brought to [...]

How Fries Became the Default Side of the Burger 

If you've ever sat down at a restaurant or modern eatery, you've likely encountered the famous burger and fries-- a natural pairing if we ever saw one. Whether you're ordering the best burger in NYC or a Juicy Lucy in Chicago, it's not uncommon for your burger to come with a side of golden seasoned [...]

Who Invented Guacamole?

Guacamole, the perfect food. This green snack may just be the ideal way to sit down and enjoy some tasty tortilla chips. No matter what you put into it, it is always amazing. It's actually almost impossible to resist this delicious dish! Some people like their guac smooth, while others like it a little textured [...]

Why Americans Are Crazy About Ranch Dressing

For over two decades now, Americans have set ranch dressing as the best selling salad topper - overtaking Italians. You might wonder, why is a simple mixture of buttermilk, herbs and mayonnaise make Americans crazy just to liven up their daily vegetable intake? In the earlier days, ranch dressing was just a simple old plain [...]

Fun Facts About Coffee

Millions of people around the world drink coffee every day. Whether it's hot, iced, or blended, this drink made of blending coffee beans and water has become a part of our daily existence. Whether it's the best coffee in New York or the best coffee in Sydney, you must appreciate the power of the bean. [...]

How French Fries Became the Default Side Item

The all-American burger has for quite a long time been paired with French fries. However, the history of the latter as the gold standard of side dishes goes much back in time than that of burgers. French fries are now also paired with sandwiches, pizza and even fried chicken. Despite of this, you will be [...]